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defining own attributes/class


I would like to ask, if somebody knows a really good how-to about $subj.
I've read couple books, let's say I'm able to define my own attribute,
even extend some existing object - I think these are no problem, as they
are based on trying right-wrong.

My biggest concern is about numbering [OID/PEN ?]. I've requested PEN
from IANA, no problem here. But how should I divide numbers to
attributes? Does it matter? Can I run out of space? Do something
[utterly] wrong? I just haven't seen this [numbering] explained to the
last bit anywhere. Or may be, I've just read wrong.
I mean, should it be like tree structure and eg. class1 =
prefix.PEN.1.X; class2 = prefix.PEN.2.X; ...; classN = prefix.PEN.N.X; ?
But may be there is no "bigger" sense I'm looking for and incremental
numbering (+1 per attribute) is just enough.

PS: for example, I would like to add JID [jabber ID]/IM [which would
hold whatever Instant Messaging string] attribute and extend
InetOrgPerson with this attribute.

Thanks in advance for explanation/pointing me to the right direction.


Zdenek Styblik
Net/Linux admin
OS TurnovFree.net
email: stybla@turnovfree.net
jabber: stybla@jabber.turnovfree.net