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Re: Making copies of attribute values

> > I have a need to extend an LDAP schema by adding an attribute and copy the
> > value from an existing attribute to it. We need to keep the two copies of
> > the attribute values in synch. It is a kind of replication where it is
> > replicating one attribute into another in the same record.

More - such functionality reminds me Lotus Domino enviroment, which is not 
object-oriented nor relational database, nor the hybrid of these. In Lotus 
each Entry stores a collection of Items (attributes), while each Item in 
the Entry can have arbitral number of independent, same-value or 
different-value variables. Access to each value of each entry is via
iteration over the collection. 
Quite confusing, AFAIR, and LDAP is, hopefully, far from such ideas ;-)


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