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Re: ldapsearch vs AD output

Cherubini Enrico wrote:
> Good day,
> hope to be not OT. I have to get members of a group in AD, so here is
> what I do and what I get:
> ldapsearch -x -D "pippo@dominio.com <mailto:pippo@dominio.com>" -w
> pippopw "cn=groupname"
> member:: W049X1MgVmlhPPAaXTDoCxPVT1fQSBNYW51dGOOOemlvbmUgZSBHZXN0aW9uZSBQYX=
> Rya
>  W1vbmlvLERDPXByb3ZpbmNpYSxEQz12cixEQz1pdA=3D=3D
> member: CN=_SubGroup2,OU=_SubGroupArea,DC=dominio,DC=com
> If I do a search whith phpldapadmin I get both name (_SubGroup1 and
> _SubGroup2), so I guess the problem is how ldapsearch handles the output
> from AD server or in config file, but can't find a solution.

Note that with LDIF :: indicates that the value is base64-encoded in the LDIF
representation (not the value received) because LDIF is meant to be
ASCII-clean. See RFC 2849 on how to interpret LDIF correctly.

Ciao, Michael.