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Re: Database corruption revisited.

Michael Ströder wrote:
Cliff Pratt wrote:
As I said, this has happened on many versions of OpenLDAP and on different operating systems. The latest version that I am sure it
has happened on is RHEL 4.2 and OpenLDAP 2.2.13-4

Cliff, this version shipped by Red Hat is not recommended to be use
at all. Issues therein were quickly fixed but Red Hat never updated
their release. Additionally the 2.2.x release branch is really
ancient today. Even 2.3.x release branch is onsidered rather historic

So please try to compile a recent OpenLDAP release and a fully
patched Berkeley-DB. At the moment OpenLDAP 2.4.19 together with BDB
4.8.24 seems fine. Note that other libs used in your deployment which
depend on BDB (Kerberos and cyrus-sasl) have to be also compiled to
avoid a library mix during run-time linking. I'd recommend to build
all these packages installing into a separate prefix to avoid
conflicts with pre-installed RPMs.

Thanks for the information, Michael. Unfortunately our policy is to use
packages where ever possible. This also means that the third party product which we have on top of OpenLDAP which our application fits on top of may not support the latest releases of OpenLDAP and BDB. (I'd have to research that).