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Re: ldap_search: LDAP Adminstration Limit Error

Adam Tauno Williams wrote:
On Fri, 2009-10-16 at 00:31 +0530, Parag Kalra wrote:
Hello Friends,
I am using a 'ldapsearch' command from Ubuntu machine to fetch entries
from SunOne directory server hosted on Windows machine.
I am able to retrieve the records but not all. At one stage it aborts
abruptly and throws following error -
ldap_search: LDAP Adminstration Limit Error
Any pointers on what this error is all about and how can I get rid of

The number of results exceed the configured limit for a request. (?)

Write a script in Python, or something like it, with LDAP support so you
can page the request.

Maybe ldapsearch can page for you?  I don't recall.

Yes, see the ldapsearch(1) manpage.

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