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Re: Importing user defined Object Classes from a file

Hi Bharath,

Thanks for the info you shared.

Using that I have successfully imported the user defined object classes from a ldif file.

Thanks once again...


On Mon, Oct 5, 2009 at 5:20 PM, Kantrapati, Bharath <bharath.kantrapati@gs.com> wrote:

Hi Parag,


You can import user defined object class using ldif file.

The below link might be helpful




if you check the 99user.ldif it will show you how the current schema is holding the object class. You can build the ldif file the same way and import into sun one directory server.


Note : I have taken off the open ldap mailing list, not sure if they would be OK .






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Subject: Importing user defined Object Classes from a file


Hello Folks,

Note: This question is on SunOne LDAP server. I apologize for posting it here but I thought someone might know the solution hence sharing with you all.

I have a file which contains the schema related settings where in user defined object classes are defined.

I know SunOne directory server provides a way to create user defined object classes but is there a way where I can import my entire file which will create & define all the user defined settings mentioned in that file.

I am using Sun One Server Console 5.2

Thanks in advance.