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Re: ppolicy password warnings

On Tue, 2009-10-06 at 10:08 -0300, Gustavo Schroeder wrote:
> I'm planning to implement the ppolicy overlay in our repository and a
> major doubt came out.
> Suppose I got ppolicy overlay up and running and pwdMaxAge=10368000
> (120 days) and as I've been googling around pam_ldap has the ability
> to provide user warnings about password expiration.
> My question is, will the userland apps like Thunderbird, Horde IMP
> (via passwd module), Samba provide password warnings to the end user?


> How will the user get warned when his/her password is about to expire?

They won't.

> Is this something that the directory server will provide?

The directory server will merrily provide it; and the client services
and applications will just as happily ignore it.