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Re: bdb checkpoints

At Wed, 23 Sep 2009 12:36:11 +0200,
Oliver Henriot wrote:
> I'm using Openldap 2.3.43-3.el5 with BDB 4.3.29 on CentOS 5.3.
> Thanks.

No. RHEL and CentOS openldap-servers package has own BDB library.

$ rpm -qf /usr/sbin/slapd
$ ldd /usr/sbin/slapd |grep db
        libslapd_db-4.4.so => /usr/lib64/tls/libslapd_db-4.4.so (0x00002b9d8199d000)
$ rpm -qf /usr/lib64/tls/libslapd_db-4.4.so
$ rpm -qf /usr/sbin/slapd_db_dump
$ slapd_db_dump -V
Sleepycat Software: Berkeley DB 4.4.20: (January 10, 2006)
$ rpm -q --changelog openldap-servers |grep -i db |head
- apply latest db-4 patches (#454857)
- rework the database upgrade logic, it should dump/restore the BDB
- include __db.* in the list of files to check ownership of in
- Add two upstream patches for db-4.4.20
- Upgrade internal bdb to db-4.4.20.  For a clean upgrade, this will
- run slaptest with the -u flag if no id2entry db files are found, because
  contains a readable file named __db.001 (#118678)
- default to bdb, as upstream does, gambling that we're only going to be
- add bug fix patch for DB 4.2.52
- update to db-4.2.52.

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