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Re: Advice/comments on deploying openLDAP in a VirtualBox appliance.

Arun Khan wrote:
> I have completed the prototyping of openldap, samba/pdc,  on a
> VirtualBox appliance.   The setup works fine with 4-5 different
> desktop clients connecting to
> the services.
> Appliance details: VirtualBox 3.0.6 - 512MB RAM, 8MB Video RAM, 9GB
> VDI with 1GB Swap and  CentOS 5.3 64bit).
> I am considering deploying this appliance into production with 1GB
> RAM.  The no. of clients connecting to the server will be approx. 150.
> Has anyone deployed openLDAP + Samba/PDC in a VirtualBox appliance?
> I'd appreciate if you could share your experience, gotchas etc with
> respect to an appliance environment as well as resources allocated to
> the appliance e.g. amount of RAM.

I have virtualized OpenLDAP deplyomentos using Xen hypervisor, running
Debian Lenny with about 300 users, LDAP is used for samba+pdc, postfix,
squid, jabber, of course we have replicas on another xen host.

PD. I only use virtuabox for testing and gaming never for production.
> Regards,

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