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Re: attribute writing: can an overlay do this?

Pierangelo Masarati wrote:
> Hallvard B Furuseth wrote:
>> Pierangelo Masarati writes:
>>> Stefano Zanmarchi wrote:
>>>> Hallo,
>>>> I hope someone can give me a hand on this issue.
>>>> I'd like my ldap server to automaitcally set the value of an attribute,
>>>> based on the value of another.
>>>> In the simplest version I'd like it to copy the value of an
>>>> attribute into
>>>> another attribute, whenever the first one gets modified.
>>>> (...)
>>> If your question is: can an overlay do this?  the answer is: yes
>>> If your question is: does an existing overlay (among those
>>> distributed by OpenLDAP) do this?  the answer is no (AFAIK).
>> Maybe rwm should be enhanced to support that?  Only one of the
>> attributes would be stored in the directory.  rwm would be
>> configured to copy and rename instead of just rename the attribute
>> in search results.  In filters, it'd rename the other way.
> OK for coexisting virtual and real attrs; I'm not keen to having virtual
> attrs with *mucked* values neither on the fly nor in directory.  Not
> with slapo-rwm(5), at least.

I have an experimental overlay that essentially does this.

Returned entries contain a virtual attribute that is a copy of another
attribute.  Searches rewrite the search filter so the real attribute
gets searched for rather than the virtual one.  Compares operate on the
real attribute as well.

I can post a link if anyone is interested.  I don't think it's generally
useful, but if so, I guess I could file an ITS.