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Re: Reg OpenLdap on Ubuntu

Asimananda Mohanty <asimananda.mohanty@gmail.com> writes:

> Hi Dieter,
> I understand. But my concern is if ssl was not enabled properly, then I should not be
> able to use -ZZ or ldaps url in commands like ldapsearch. Please correct me if I am
> wrong.

If you can connect to slapd via startTLS or TLS than slapd has been
setup correctly.

> If ssl is enabled already, then I am unable to understand why ldaps doesn't work from
> apache point of view.

Back to my first mail. Ths is a question you have to raise on a solaris
related mailing list or news group.
- Check the libraries apache has been built with,
- check whether you can connect from solaris host to ubuntu host on
  port 389 and 636 , 
- check whether apache is able to verify the certificate presented,
- debug slapd to whatch the apache connection.


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