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Re: Windwos 2003 Active Directory CentOS 5.3 OpenLDAP Server Sync

MMoj@timocom.com writes:

> Hello everyone,
> I´m having a hard time. I should enable the sync of an AD (W2K3) and an LDAP (CentOS 5.3)
> server based on the mentioned System. I realy don´t know how to establish a sync of user
> Account, Groups, etc.

What directory are you running on CentOS? CentOS provides OpenLDAP and
Fedora Directory Server aka Netscape iPlanet.

> I have a test envirometn running with W2K3 AD and CentOS 5.3 LDAP witch Kerberos for SSO
> (Single-Sign-ON) but the Information are still located in the AD not in the LDAP and I want
> to Authenticate against the LDAP server. I realy don´t know how to configure the AD / LDAP
> so sync, or to replicate the AD into LDAP.

You may setup a Keberos trust relation between Active Directory and a
CentOS based MIT-Krb5-1.6 and integrate the Keberos Database into
OpenLDAP, if you run OpenLDAP.
> Can someone help me out with a good "How-To" or maybe some config files, etc.

On this Topic there is not much Documentation available. As a start
you may read

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