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Re: Windwos 2003 Active Directory CentOS 5.3 OpenLDAP Server Sync

On Tue, 2009-09-15 at 10:53 +0200, MMoj@timocom.com wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> I´m having a hard time. I should enable the sync of an AD (W2K3) and
> an LDAP (CentOS 5.3) server based on the mentioned System. I realy don
> ´t know how to establish a sync of user Account, Groups, etc.
> I have a test envirometn running with W2K3 AD and CentOS 5.3 LDAP
> witch Kerberos for SSO (Single-Sign-ON) but the Information are still
> located in the AD not in the LDAP and I want to Authenticate against
> the LDAP server. I realy don´t know how to configure the AD / LDAP so
> sync, or to replicate the AD into LDAP. 
> Can someone help me out with a good "How-To" or maybe some config
> files, etc.

There seems to be a common confusion about AD. AD comprises two
elements: LDAP server and Kerberos server. User information (accounts,
groups) are stored in LDAP. User passwords are stored in Kerberos.

You can replicate (sync) AD LDAP server to openldap, but you will have
only authorization information (users, groups) not the authentication
information (passwords). Therefore you can not authenticate against

In order to get your thing working, you'd have to replicate Kerberos
information too. It is possible, however I myself never seen a
consistent how-to which describes OpenLDAP/MIT_Kerberos AD replacement.


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