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ldapsearch hangs


I got an issue with OpenLDAP....

BDB 4.7 and OpenLDAP 2.4.18  is runnong on CentOS 5.3 installed on an HP DL380 G5 machine with 10 GB RAM.

The database is quite big...ldif file is ~2GB. I manage to load the ldif file into the DB with ldapadd.

Well, so far so good, i'm able to search entries. My application on a different server connects to LDAP and requests entire subtree (ou=bestMatchPrefixList,ou=sipDirektor,dc=ot,dc=hr) and within a minute and half, it gets everything.

Now, the problem comes when you add some few more entries to the DB with ldapadd... in my case 2 entries

dn: carrierPrefixID=043010.100.10000.100,bestMatchPrefix=385,ou=bestMatchPrefixList,ou=sipDirektor,dc=ot,dc=hr
qos: 100
priority: 10000
carrierPrefixID: 043010.100.10000.100
carrierPrefix: 043010
weight: 100
carrier: Telekom Austria
objectClass: top
objectClass: carrierPrefixID

dn: originatorPrefixID=000010,carrierPrefixID=043010.100.10000.100,bestMatchPrefix=385,ou=bestMatchPrefixList,ou=sipDirektor,dc=ot,dc=hr
originatorPrefix: 000010
priority: 100
originator: T-COM/HT
originatorPrefixID: 000010
objectClass: top
objectClass: originatorPrefixID

The application doesn't get all entries ... as LDAP server stops respnding. In brief, i run ldapsearch manually and i get it stuk after a while:

[root@l01lnp2 ldap]#
[root@l01lnp2 ldap]# time ldapsearch  -h localhost -x -b ou=bestMatchPrefixList,ou=sipDirektor,dc=ot,dc=hr  -D cn=admin,dc=ot,dc=hr -w password
# extended LDIF
# LDAPv3
# base <ou=bestMatchPrefixList,ou=sipDirektor,dc=ot,dc=hr> with scope subtree
# filter: (objectclass=*)
# requesting: ALL

# bestMatchPrefixList, sipDirektor, ot.hr
dn: ou=bestMatchPrefixList,ou=sipDirektor,dc=ot,dc=hr
ou: bestMatchPrefixList
objectClass: top
objectClass: organizationalUnit

# 7, bestMatchPrefixList, sipDirektor, ot.hr
dn: bestMatchPrefix=7,ou=bestMatchPrefixList,ou=sipDirektor,dc=ot,dc=hr
destination: Russian Federation
bestMatchPrefix: 7
objectClass: top
objectClass: bestMatchPrefix


# 043010, 046010.100.8000.100, 99893, bestMatchPrefixList, sipDirektor, ot.hr
dn: originatorPrefixID=043010,carrierPrefixID=046010.100.8000.100,bestMatchPre
originatorPrefix: 043010
priority: 100
originator: 043010
originatorPrefixID: 043010
objectClass: top
objectClass: originatorPrefixID

# 039010, 046010.100.8000.100, 99893, bestMatchPrefixList, sipDirektor, ot.hr
dn: originatorPrefixID=039010,carrierPrefixID=046010.100.8000.100,bestMatchPre
originatorPrefix: 039010
priority: 100
originator: 039010
originatorPrefixID: 039010
objectClass: top
objectClass: originatorPrefixID

It hangs here ... and i have to stop ldapsearch (CTRL + C)

real    12m2.592s
user    0m2.448s
sys     0m2.150s
[root@l01lnp2 ldap]#

I have the same issue on the BDB4.3 and OpenLDAP 2.3 that comes with CentOD 5.3 distribution as well.

What m'I missing?
What can i do ?

I already tried to:
    reindex (slapindex -f slapd.conf)