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Re: ldapadd error while adding localized users

anish patil wrote:
> Thanks a lot
>     >>if i give value attribute "gecos:" in ldif file in localized format
>     >> I am not able add the user its giving me following error
>     >><error>
>     >> additional info: gecos: value #0 invalid per syntax
>     >></error>
>     >> If i am giving rest of the attributes in localized format it
>     works fine
>     >> can anyone tell is this the desired behavior or Am i missing
>     something?
>     >>"gecos" has syntax IA5 string, so it does not accept UTF-8, but
>     plain ASCII.
> This means that gecos attribute accepts only ASCII characters.
> Is there any openldap documention which speciffies the same thing?

Whenever possible the schema files shipped with OpenLDAP simply contain what's
written in the standard documents. In this particular case see RFC 2307,
chapter 3.


While it might look desirable for you to change that you might run into
serious interop issues with client software when doing so.

Ciao, Michael.