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Re: top-level data entries not replicating, 2.4.15, now 2.4.17

--On Monday, August 24, 2009 6:28 PM -0700 Brian Neu <proclivity76@yahoo.com> wrote:

Unfortunately, not until tomorrow eve, EST.  The consumer server
(victory3) is temporarily in someone's office before it goes to a colo,
and was turned off due to the fan noise for the biz day.  It SHOULD have
been powered back on, but someone forgot.

Aren't there a couple of virtual servers somewhere that serve as testing
grounds for the project?  That, or does someone have a provider->consumer
set-up in production that can test a benign top-level data entry and see
if it replicates?

This sort of setup works for me, and hundreds of others, no problem. Which is why figuring out why it isn't working for you is non-trivial. I still suspect it is a configuration issue that is non-obvious.



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