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Samba + ldap questions

Hey All

I am having a problems with using openldap and samba. We have been having issues with samba passwords expiring and I have tried several things to resolve the issues. The ldap server was setup using the smbldap-tools. When the password expires the only thing I have been able to do is to reset the password. I have tried the smbldap-usemod -B -1 &username to disable the SambaPwdMustChange. Also tried to set the SambaAcctFlags to UX. We set this ldap server up in hurry and did not have a chance to implement a proper password policy. This is using the stock version of Samba that came with RHEL5.

Best Regards

John Allgood
Senior Systems Administrator
Turbo, division of OHL
2251 Jesse Jewell Pky. NE
Gainesville, GA 30507
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