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RE: ldap_add: Already exists (68) errors when testing multi-master sync replication

--On Wednesday, August 19, 2009 1:33 PM -0400 Barry Colston <bcolston@xtec.com> wrote:

I applied the 4 4.6.21 BDB patches, reran my tests, and the problem is
still occurring.

Ldapsearch fails to find the record.  Ldapadd fails with an error code of
68.  Slapcat performed against the server where the delete command was
issued displays a record, but the record is listed with an objectClass and
structuralObjectClass of "glue" (which are different than when the record
was added.)  Slapcat performed against the 2 other master servers where
the delete command was not issued do not display a record.

To be clear, you are saying you can reproduce this situation from a point in your database where the situation did not previously exist? Or are you simply saying that after patching BDB, you end up in the same spot? Although if it is being reported as a glued entry, that seems more like an OpenLDAP level issue than a BDB one. If you can easily recreate the problem, I suggest filing an ITS about it with the steps to reproduce.



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