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syncrepl problem?

  Openldap experts,

  We are running 2.3.43 Openldap on Centos 5.3 systems.  I have one provider and two consumers.  I believe the consumers were working fine in terms of receiving replication data and staying synchronized until today.  I have this entry in slapd.conf


syncrepl rid=102




The problem is that I had to completely restore the provider’s entire ldap database from a backup ldif file after screwing up over 200 accounts.  I got the provider back to the way I wanted, but now the consumers won’t synchronize (replicate) any more. 


1.       Should syncrepl ultimately be able to replicate after a major change to the provider such as a ldif restoration?  Or should I expect to have to reload the consumer entries from scratch from a provider generated ldif in situations like this?


2.       I thought I read once that the interval settings was still important for when refreshandpersist missed an update.  Is that true? 



Tim Tyler

Network Engineer

Beloit College