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Re: syncrepl findbase failed! 32 errors

--On Wednesday, August 12, 2009 2:24 PM -0400 Barry Colston <bcolston@xtec.com> wrote:

I'm running OpenLDAP 2.4.17 with 3 servers configured in multi-master
mode (server 1 replicates to server 2 and server 3, server 2 replicates
to server 1 and server 3, and server 3 replicates to server 1 and server
2).  While executing shell scripts to test replication, all 3 slapd
instances began returning error code 32 to all requests.  No information
could be retrieved from any of the 3 LDAP servers using ldapsearch,
Apache Directory Studio, LDAP Administrator tool, or the LDAP Browser
tool.  The slapd log records with debug level = sync contained numerous
"findbase failed! 32" errors. Starting and restarting the slapd
instances still resulted in error code 32 being returned for any LDAP
request.  I had to restore the LDAP databases to be able to view/update
records in any of the 3 LDAP databases.

What version of BDB are you using? Does it have all the relevant patches from Oracle?



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