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Re: OpenLDAP + Kerberos on FreeBSD 7.2, close to working but not quite

Dieter Kluenter wrote:
Allan<cr4z3d@gmail.com>  writes:

Seems like slapd is linked to gssapi and sasl. Are there simply command line
options I'm missing to start up slapd?

frisbee# ldd /usr/local/libexec/slapd
     libldap_r-2.4.so.6 =>  /usr/local/lib/libldap_r-2.4.so.6 (0x2820b000)
     liblber-2.4.so.6 =>  /usr/local/lib/liblber-2.4.so.6 (0x28250000)
     libdb-4.6.so.0 =>  /usr/local/lib/libdb-4.6.so.0 (0x2825d000)
     libsasl2.so.2 =>  /usr/local/lib/libsasl2.so.2 (0x28385000)
     libgssapi.so.9 =>  /usr/lib/libgssapi.so.9 (0x2839c000)

This seem to be different libraries than the sasl libraries, as below:


These usually are dynamically loaded by libsasl2, so they would never be directly linked into the slapd (or any other) binaries.

Most likely the gssapi plugin is not initializing itself, maybe because there is no krb5.conf file, or because there is no keytab with slapd's key inside, or the files are not readable by slapd, etc...

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