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Re: Phpldapadmin + openldap - is not registering new users

Édnei Rodrigues wrote:
> And /var/log/messages:
> /Aug 10 07:58:11 webs slapd[3426]: Entry (cn=cyrusadmin
> cyrusadmin,ou=People,dc=novohamburgo,dc=rs,dc=gov,dc=br): object class
> 'posixAccount' requires attribute 'gidNumber'/

Well, it's pretty clear. Isn't it? You tried to add an entry with AUXILIARY
object class 'posixAccount' but the client did not send along the mandantory
attribute 'gidNumber'.

> This is stranger. In the PhpLdapAdmin, the fill gidNumber is blank,
> don't have option for change. What's happening ?

I don't know PhpLdapAdmin. Maybe you should ask the developers of this software?

Ciao, Michael.