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Re: Trouble with slapd-ldap in various scenarios (LdarErr: DSID-0C090627)

Martin Rubáš <mrubas@kerio.com> writes:

> Thanks for your reponse, Dieter.
> Basically, you said "RTFM" just using more polite words. But I already
> do that, man! I played with a few combination of idassert-bind option
> but it doesn't help to me. B-)

All I want to achieve is, that you yourself will understand the
process and the relevant configuration parameters. Just posting a few
configuration parameters wouldn't help you much.

I am not so much interested on what is going over the wire to AD, I am
much more interested in debugging slapd, as this will show what data
is received from a client and send to the server. This will hopefully
show you what is going wrong.

> So, what I have not been able to do yet...
> I want to use the slapd with "The User" and its own credentials to
> forward LDAP request to remote Active Directory with the identity of
> "The User" using slapd-relay/slapo-rwm or slapd-hdb/slapo-translucent
> exactly same way as it works for raw slapd-ldap.
I quite understood your requirements.


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