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Re: Why did an index broke my config ?

Olivier Rademakers a écrit :
>> I added this in the config of my email server :
>>> index virtualdomain                     eq
>> But it broke the mail server, all emails were refused because Relaying
>> denied. In fact postfix was not able anymore to find domains.
>> For some reason, adding this index in the config made impossible to find
>> this domain for programs...
>> Don't know if my explanation is clear, but my question is "why adding an
>> index breaks the config" ?
>> Thanks a lot in advance for any help !
> By specifying in your config file the indexation of the attribute
> virtualdomain, the server will expect to find such an index, but if you
> have not created the index beforehand, the server will not find the
> attribute. I believe that in your case, you must run slapindex while the
> server is offline and your troubles should be over.
> Cheers,
> Olivier

OK thanks a lot, that's what I supposed (after having problems) but was
not sure... I should have better read the documentation before...

BTW isn't this behavior of LDAP a little dangerous, shouldn't openldap
say something like "index not found" ?