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Re: Using syncrepl in single slapd instance.

Hi Laurence,

Laurence Field <Laurence.Field@cern.ch> writes:

> Hi Dieter
>>> Does anyone have an example of how to do a syncrepl where a single
>>> slapd instance can act as both the consumer and producer?
>> have a look at tests/scripts/test019
> I took a look at test019 and it seams that the master and slave run on
> different ports and use different slapd.conf files. Will go through
> slapd.conf examples in detail to see if I can find any magic tricks
> that will help me get it working on the same port and in a single
> slapd.conf file.

Actually there are no magic tricks: a simplified slapd.conf

database hdb
syncrepl rid=001
overlay syncprov
database monitor

thats all.

> I will do some more tests with multiple masters.

I'm personally not in favour of multi master. In fact, the 14 hosts
environment in out sandbox has been a nightmare :-)
That was OpenLDAP-2.4.13.


Dieter Klünter | Systemberatung