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Possible workaround to slapo-ppolicy sync limitations


This post is because of:

So, if you're using ppolicy-slapo in a load-balanced environment, you pool servers never will be sync completely; at least, the ppolicy state atributes will be not replicated. I know isn't really a slapo-ppolicy limitation rather than RFC especification consequence.

Well... I want my load-balancing environment and I want also the ppolicy overlay. So ¿how to make an effective workaround?

At first, I've thinked in next scenario:

* 1 provider and 2 consumers
* every 5 minutes the consumers rsync the contents of master ddbb (/var/lib/ldap/* in my case, Debian Lenny boxes)

¿It will be enough?

I wonder if consumers slapd can accept these data change "on the fly" or maybe restarting the service is mandatory.

Jordi Espasa Clofent