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Re: How to detect a corrupt database?

Is BDB supposed to work under Debian Xen ?

AFAIK, yes.

But, it is entirely possible, if you were using ppolicy, that the affected users were locked out on this slave. How did you verify that they weren't?

No, I did. :(
Anyway ¿Does not the consumers re-sync the ppolicy statement when they restart the service?

If the database was corrupt, slapd wouldn't start. If it was slightly corrupt, slapd would have recovered it at start. So, I think you should not refer to this as corruption.

Yes. You'ver the reason.

But, nothing indicates that it was corrupt. DId you do an export (with slapcat) and compare it to the other servers? Note that some differences can be valid, such as pwd* attributes, as password policy state is not replicated from consumers to providers ....

Yes. You and Howard point me out about this ppolicy behaviour:

So... I think I can't implement correctly ppolicy if I want stills in my load-balanced environment.

I don't see that this will do anything to prevent the problem which was most likely the cause ... (users locked out on one slave, not database corruption).

I understand now. Great.

Jordi Espasa Clofent