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value-based modify operation on binary attribute fails

I´m trying to remove the attribute "userCertificate;binary" from an entry, if it (attr) contains a special value (certificate). I´m trying this operation with perl ldap modules and also with Gawojar ldap browser. Both were working for me when I was using OpenLDAP 2.3.20.
Now I´m using OpenLDAP 2.4.12 and I get an error message
MOD attr=userCertificate;binary
RESULT tag=103 err=16 text=modify/delete: userCertificate;binary: no such value
but I send the modify request by using exactly the same value as I get from the ldap server (I compared the bytes sent across the network with wireshark) when requesting it with a ldapsearch. As I already wrote the same function worked for me with the older OpenLDAP version. I also tried to modify text attributes; that´s working.
I didn´t found anything in the change log which is pointing to a fix regarding the comparison mechanism. Has anybody else had that problem ?
Yours sincerely,