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adding/modifying local attributes with translucent overlay

Hey everyone -

I have an openldap server setup using the translucent overlay and pulling entries from a remote ldap server (running Fedora DS).  I seem to have gotten the translucent overlay configured correctly as I can perform searches and obtain entries from the remote ldap server by way of the local one.  I can even add local attributes for users and groups in the local server and perform searches and obtain the results with the local attributes.  However when I try to change or modify anything that has been stored in the local ldap server I either get 'ldapadd: already exists (68)' or 'ldapmodify: no such object (32)'.

I'm using openldap 2.4.16 on RHEL5.  When I'm trying to make these changes I'm using an ldif file just like I did when I added the attributes to begin with.  I've tried just modifying the ldif file and re-adding as if it didn't already exist and I've tried writing the ldif as if it was for a modify with a changetype: modify line in the file.

If I need to post the configuration file I can I just thought I'd hold off on putting all of that here if it wasn't necessary.  I hope somebody can help - thanks in advance!

Brian Hart