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Re: LDAP Access controls

Well with a bunch of reading and even more experimentation I have been
able to set up access to individual users Address Books. with the
following rule:

olcAccess: {1}to
dn.regex="cn=Contacts,uid=([^,]+),ou=People,dc=moores,dc=ca$" by
dn.exact,expand="uid=$1,ou=People,dc=moores,dc=ca" write b$

I want to set up a seperate address book below various user groups as
well, and give write access only to the members. I think the following
will work.

olcAccess: {2}to
dn.regex="cn=Contacts,cn=([^,]+),ou=Groups,dc=moores,dc=ca$" by
group/posixGroup/memberUid="cn=$1,ou=Groups,dc=moores,dc=ca$" write

Two questions.

First do both these rules look reasonable? Are there any glaring
security holes I'm missing? I think I have it right.

Two. Once I have this working I want to be able to set up various users
as administrators to groups. (As you can do with gpasswd/gshadow in
Linux) I looked around a lot, but have not seen anything that appears to
allow you to do this with LDAP. Am I going to need to modify schemas to
do this? <gulp>

Wow, I may be ready for my LPIC3 once I've figured all this out.


Darryl Moore wrote:
> Thanks again, I think I figured it out. I made some edits to the
> olcDatabase={1}bdb.ldif file in the slapd.d, and was able to write to
> the database. (It sure does help when you read the right set of
> instructions)