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Re: syncrepl consumer process

Allan Lyons wrote:
> I'm looking at developing a simple internal app that is supposed to
> do things based on changes to our directory.  One solution would be 
> to periodically poll the directory.  A seemingly better solution
> would be to have some client watch for changes using the 
> refreshAndPersist mode of syncrepl.
> Does anyone know of any example code that connects to the directory
> as a syncrepl consumer?  Python examples would be preferred.

There was somebody working on a Python-based syncrepl client but not in
refreshAndPersist mode. You may want to dig python-ldap-dev's mailing
list archive and come over there.

You could also deploy slapo-accesslog and watch out for recent changes
there by polling the accesslog database in small time intervals.

Ciao, Michael.