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Re: Proxying AD : troubles with the comma character

Emmanuel Lesouef wrote:
> rwm-rewriteRule "(.+)2C(.+)" "$1\,$2"
> [..]
> dn: cn=DUPONT\, Harry, ou=DSI, ou=ad, dc=authentification,dc=crbn

I'm pretty sure you should fix your rwm-rewriteRule directive.

> distinguishedName: cn=DUPONT\2C Harry,ou=DSI,ou=ad,dc=authentification,dc=crbn
This also shows that the hex-escaped form if even needed is also made up
by the backslash which is missing in your rwm-rewriteRule. Anyway I'd
rather try something like first:

rwm-rewriteRule "(([^,]+),([^,]+)" "$1\,$2"

But I don't have the spare time testing it for you.

Ciao, Michael.