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Re: Prb: UID Fields Over 7 Chars - add transaction hangs

David.CTR.Muench@faa.gov wrote:
> Environment: Solaris 9, OpenLDAP 2.4.16, Berkeley DB 4.7.25

Did you apply the patches on the web page below when building Berkeley
DB 4.7.25? You should.


> All seemed to be going well until I tried to add (ldapmodify -a w/ldif 
> files) some new "person" entries based on data I want to migrate.

Could you please provide the LDIF file you use? Or if that's
confidential please try to generate some example data which illustrates
the issue.

> A colleague suggested something that seems to be an indicator:
> - an add of  "dn: uid=DCM11,ou=People,o=XXXX" works fine
> - an add of  "dn: uid=DCM1123,ou=People,o=XXXX" works fine
> - an add of  "dn: uid=DCM11234,ou=People,o=USNS" does *not* work
> So it seems that "uid" values with lengths over 7 characters fail.

Very unlikely if only OpenLDAP server and clients are used. On Solaris
systems it's always a good idea whether there's any library mix since
the Sun LDAP libs are installed by default. Also check wheter you really
use the ldapadd tool of your local OpenLDAP installation.

You could start slapd with parameter -d 65535 and watch what's written
to the console.

Ciao, Michael.