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RE: MirrorMode VS load balancing

Yes simple is a good thing, but you have to decide for yourself what risk and downtime is acceptable, how long to recover and how many writes is acceptable to lose.

E.g. Is a one daily backup acceptable for recovery (and you lose changes since then), or do you need every single write to the hour/minute ?

The more continously/frequently you write to both nodes, the more likely are sync errors, and also less recoverability of  your bdb logs in the event of catastrophic power failure or inproper shutdown.

I dont think anyone can decide this for you.. You need to evaluate your level of risk and what loss / downtime is acceptable to you / your employer / your customers etc.,


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and how about 1write/sec, 10writes/sec, 50writes/sec, 100writes/sec...
I want to know this threshold like,

- if writes happen 0-5/sec, it's 99% safe
  (at the worst unlucky case, only 2writes at the same time may break something)
- 6-50/sec, may safe or not.
- more than 50/sec, danger.