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Re: ldappasswd use for admin

Hi Gustavo,

another solution is to use slappasswd to generate a new password and copy this 
into the slapd.conf.
There must be a section where the database is defined. In this section there´s 
the rootdn and rootpw part. Replace the old rootpw-string with the one you 
just generated and you´re done.

Best regards
Florian Götz

On Monday 29 June 2009 03:07:58 Gustavo Mendes de Carvalho wrote:
> Hi there,
> Does anybody know which parameters to use in ldappasswd command when admin
> user (cn=admin,dc=domain,dc=com) has to reset user's password ?
> The situation is: LDAP user forgot his/her password and LDAP Admin has to
> reset it, allowing his/her to login and then to change his/her password.
> Thanks in advance
> ---
> Gustvo Mendes de Carvalho
> email: gmcarvalho@gmail.com

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