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MirrorMode VS load balancing


I've already read this, and understand the difference between MirrorMode and Multi Master.

Actually, when I setup 2-nodes MirrorMode and add too much entries to both nodes,
at the same time, sometimes both databases weren't syncrhonized correctly.
(I made a script to add 10,000 entries, and run it on both nodes at the same time.)

In this case, we shouldn't update both nodes at the same time.
and of course this is already discribed in the document as following.

MirrorMode is not what is termed as a Multi-Master solution.
This is because writes have to go to just one of the mirror nodes at a time 

but on some cases(including my environment), UPDATE happens 3-10 times in a day.
it's much less than SEARCH.
in this case, I think we can just put loadbalancer, and enable "load balancing" and "redundancy"
(I understand UPDATE isn't load balanced.)


* MirrorMode is enabled on SRV1 and SRV2

My question is, MirrorMode document says "writes have to go to just one of the mirror nodes at a time."
but if the writes don't happen very often, I think "writes can be done on every nodes at a time."

When I did some tests, it could be done. but I'm not sure developer's thoughts.
How do you think guys ?