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Re: RHEL 5 rpms

On Wednesday 24 June 2009 10:40:20 Buchan Milne wrote:
> On Tuesday 23 June 2009 17:18:03 Adam Leach wrote:
> > Anyone know where to find RHEL 5 rpms that are higher than 2.4.11?
> I have packages of 2.4.16, however:
> -I had moved frmo DB 4.6 to DB4.7 between 2.4.11 and 2.4.16
> -On Mandriva, the packages will build against the system DB4 if it is new
> enough, or build an internal copy of 4.7 if the system DB4 is too old
> -On RHEL, this results in the packages also being built against an internal
> 4.7
> -Upgrades aren't working smoothly:

The RHEL5 packages of 2.4.16 are now built (with DB4.7), and upgrades work 
smoothly on the boxes I tested on.

I was going to cherry-pick some more fixes from CVS, but there are just too 
many, and 2.4.17 is very close to release, I will build 2.4.17 as soon as it 
is released.