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Re: proxy cache not really caching?


On 23 Jun 2009, at 13:37, Tyler Gates wrote:

[root@foo-proxy openldap2.4]# slapd2.4 -VV
@(#) $OpenLDAP: slapd 2.4.11 (Jul 18 2008 17:58:12) $
bgmilne@build.telkomsa.net:/home/bgmilne/rpm/BUILD/openldap-2.4.11/ servers/slapd

This could be ITS #5756 you're seeing - this was fixed in 2.4.14, I think.

I can't tell for sure, based on the segment of log file you've provided, but it seems to be similar behaviour in that queries claim to be cachable, but don't seem to be cached.


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