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Re: Howto setup OpenLDAP as ACL for Servers?

> I have many Windows 2003/Linux Server, and a OpenLDAP server as auth
> server, I want setup ACL in OpenLDAP server, maybe user A allowed to
> login in windows-1 server and Linux-1 server, and user B allowed to
> login in windows-2 server and Linux-2 server.
> How to setup it in OpenLDAP server?

The question is not how to set-up LDAP, but how to setup your Windows
and Linux servers.

For example I use in nss_ldap.conf (Unix)

nss_base_passwd ou=People,ou=csim,dc=cs,dc=ait,dc=ac,dc=th?one?csimAccountPermission=samba

And in smb.conf (samba)

[ well I can't find it right now ]

So basically I am using one LDAP attribute that I created
"csimAccountPermission" that lists the various machines/applications
that one user can access.

But that is really depending on what you want to authenticate, not all
applications supports to add an LDAP filter.