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Re: Are hyphens in attribute names supported when using sql backend?

> Thanks for the prompt answer.
> I tried to perform queries in the database using AS 'attr-name' and AS
> "attr-name" - both don't work.

OK, then you need to figure out a normalization rule that replaces "-"
with an acceptable character, possibly not allowed by LDAP, so that
bidirectional translation is possible.

> But even if they work, is the sql statement generator configurable somehow
> (at least for attribute queries)
> so the statements could be customized?

It's not *that* customizable, but it's open source, so at least you get a
chance to customize it.

> Forgot to add that I am using windows compiled version (v2.2.29), so not
> very fresh...

Any generally useful modification would occur in the 2.4 branch, not
earlier, so it sounds like you're on your own.  I presume no patch for 2.2
would apply to 2.4 and vice-versa.