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Re: N-way Master synchronization

Craig Worgan wrote:
Is it possible that modifyTimestamp is only changed on the server that
the mod occurs? This would assume that mods over syncrepl to the
consumers don't trigger a change to that particular operational
attribute on the consumer (s) in a multi-master setup. Just a thought.

The modifyTimestamp is usually replicated along with everything else. (Assuming it wasn't excluded in the list of attrs to replicate.)


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Dear all,

I am using a 4-way LDAP servers version 2.4.11. (type=refreshOnly,

Everyday, there will be some records updated in any of the servers.

 >From time to time, I will dump the records in all 4 servers and
checked the modifyTimestamp attribute. I find that there is some records
where the modifyTimestamp attribute value are different from other 3
servers. But the other content seems synced. Only differ by the
modifyTimestamp attribute.

Any idea of how come such situation occur ?


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