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Re: How to temporarily downgrade to LDAPv2 ?

Michael Ströder wrote:
> J. Bakshi wrote:
>> ok, find it
>> ``````````````````
>> allow bind_v2
>> ````````````````````````
> I'm not sure whether you are aware of the issues you might have with
> that. E.g. your old application or API might expect another character
> set to be used with LDAPv2, e.g. T.61. The use of UTF-8-encoded Unicode
> for DirectoryString syntax was specified in LDAPv3.
> If you write a new application with that API you should rather find out
> how to use LDAPv3 with that API.
> Ciao, Michael.


Thanks for sharing the information. I was really not aware about it. The
API I am using for my experiment is a year-2005 build API  hence an old
one. I am using this api just to authenticate the users stored in ldap
server.  I have already communicated with the author of the API so that
I can modify it to use with LDAPv3

Thanks a lot....