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Re: solaris patch vs. linux patch

On Thu, Jun 11, 2009 at 5:06 PM, Xin LI <delphij@delphij.net> wrote:
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Brett @Google wrote:
> I suspect that some versions of Linux "patch" with automatically convert
> linefeeds.

Could you tell me the distribution you are using?  I'm interested in
implementing similar feature in our patch utility...

core problem was that i was using solaris "patch", if i'd used solaris "gpatch" it automatically strips trailing CRs, ie :

gpatch -p 0 <~/patch.
(Stripping trailing CRs from patch.)

Presently running on solaris10 / sparc, can't test linux at work, but that would be using the gnu patch.

Solaris /usr/bin/gpatch has emits version info :

patch 2.5.4
Copyright 1984-1988 Larry Wall
Copyright 1989-1999 Free Software Foundation, Inc.

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You may redistribute copies of this program
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written by Larry Wall and Paul Eggert