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Re: some thoughts about RDN

On Tuesday 09 June 2009 20:13:15 Paweł Madej wrote:
> The software I try to use is Roundcube webmail, i log to it to read email
> using full email address and password. It provides backend for ldap
> addressbook so and can provide for ldap binding full email or only username
> (part before @) and password from email logging.

Where do you "provide" the "full email" or "only username"? What does it do 
with these.

> As I'm new to LDAP at all so I don't know how to create login DN for this
> to use email attribute of users to authenticate. I cannot tell you if this
> software architecture is invalid because I have too little knowledge in
> this topic.

Well, I can't find much documentation on roundcube, 
http://trac.roundcube.net/wiki/Howto_Config is very thin. Since I don't care to 
install the software, maybe you can provide some more information on how you 
are configuring it, what the configuration statements available are, and any 
comments near the configuration statement that can help give us a clue as to 
how the software is supposed to work ...