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Re: Practices : DN filtering alternatives

On Fri, 2009-06-05 at 12:28 +0200, Hallvard B Furuseth wrote: 
> Lorenzo Pastrana writes:
> > I've been reading (and actually experienced) that DN, not being a full
> > class attribute, is not filterable (read : with wildcards / patterns).
> It's not an attribute at all.  Written the same way as attributes
> in LDIF format and maybe some other stuff, that's all.

Ok.. thanks

> Wildcard matching wouldn't work too well with DN syntax,

Well, no rocket science here.. I guess it would work in our case..

> but OpenLDAP does support scope-based matching rules:
>   distinguishedNameMatch (the usual EQUALITY matching rule, like scope=base),
>   dnOneLevelMatch, dnSubtreeMatch, dnSubordinateMatch (other scopes),
>   dnSuperiorMatch (inverse of dnSubordinateMatch).

I'm trying to filter out multiple sub-branches so scope based is not
enough here.

> > I've been thinking about 'duplicating' the DN in an attribute since the
> > hidden 'entryDN' attribute is not accessible either but that sounds ugly
> > and redundant to me.
> It's not hidden.  It's an operational attribute, which means it's only
> returned if you explicitly ask for it in the list of attributes to
> return from a search.

Ah, great ... I'll try this, but your pattern below seems ok for the
filter I need and it works also with (uid:dn:=...) even if it's not
strictly the same.

> > If there is a commonly used alternative to filtering DNs I'd be glad
> to
> > hear.
> Use filters like '(entryDN:dnOneLevelMatch:=dc=example,dc=com)'.

Thanks a lot.

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