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Solaris LDAP Mapping


I hope this is the right list for this.

I am trying to get our Solaris Machine use LDAP for automounts.
Under Solaris the file I would normally change is /var/ldap/ldap_client_file for Solaris using Ldap Version 2.0

But I am not 100% sure what I need to get LDAP automount to work.

The OpenLdap Server has the following entries

dn: ou=auto.apps,dc=unix,dc=total
objectClass: top
objectClass: automountMap
ou: auto.apps

A typical Map entry is
dn: cn=acrobat,ou=auto.apps,dc=unix,dc=total
objectClass: automount
cn: acrobat
automountInformation: uk-abz-vgl:/apps/acrobat

Can anybody suggest suitable entries for the above ?


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