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Re: pool of Ldap-Directories

--On Friday, June 05, 2009 07:28:38 AM +0200 alois blasbichler <alois.blasbichler@sb-brixen.it> wrote:

Hello list

I have this question - maybe somebody can give me a hint :
I need a pool of Ldap-Directories (possible openldap, AD and other)
where i can search for.

The most common reasons for having multiple directories are:

 1. To have a hot backup of your directory data.
 2. You query load is too high to be handled by a single
    LDAP server.

The reason is : there are a lot of applications where can i get my
users from one Ldap but where i cant define more Ldaps with different
search bases.

Is this possible for example with 2 different Openldap-Directories ?

I am not sure what you are asking here. How to set up a pool of directory servers with the same data is well documented. At Stanford we have 6 read only replicas divided into two replica pools all served from the same directory master. Directory changes are made to the master and automatically propagated to the replicas. One pool is for general queries and the second replica pool is dedicated to a single application query load that would occasionally bury the general directory pool if we let it.

But, maybe you are asking if you can have multiple base DN's served from a single LDAP server. That is relatively simple to do with OpenLDAP by just declaring another database in the slapd configuration.



Bill MacAllister <whm@stanford.edu>
Systems Software Programmer, ITS Unix Systems, Stanford University