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Re: OpenLDAP support for DIT Structure Rules

On Jun 2, 2009, at 8:39 AM, James Lentini wrote:


Our schema is sprinkled throughout Section 6. In Section 6.3 we define
two LDAP objects, the FSN and FSL (the exact schema definitions in the
current draft have some typos that will be cleaned up in the next

An FSN is intended to be superior to its FSLs in a DIT. I was
considering including DIT Structure Rules in the draft as a way to
enforce this arrangement. However, I'm not inclined to do this if
popular LDAP implementations, such as OpenLDAP, don't support them.

While it might be appropriate to suggest possible DIT structural rules and associated name forms in your I-D, I would recommend against stating a requirement or recommendation of any particular structure or naming as the specifics of these are generally best left to directory administrators not specification authors.

Regards, Kurt