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using -y option for ldapsearch

Hi All,


I am trying and writing a script to use ldapsearch. But I want to create a password file and use the “-y” option. I am unable to figure out how to create one.


ldapsearch -x -h <Machine> -p <port> -s one -D <CN> -b <BASE_DN> -y pwdfile -v "(&(cn=fm*))" cn



I tried the following.

1)       I tried putting the plaintext password for <CN> in the file and it did not work.

2)       I ran slappasswd to generate the hashed password for <CN> and directed the output to this file and it did not work.

3)       The file permissions I tried are 700 and 600.


What is this “-y” option and am I interpreting it correctly? Is there a specific format that this file should be in?


Version Info:

$ rpm -qa|egrep openldap








Any help is greatly appreciated.