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Re: Bind/search more than one tree and server

"Schneider, Thomas-P65851" <Craig.Schneider@gdc4s.com> writes:

> I am seeking a solution to be able to bind to, and search more than one tree
> and server per request using Linux. My goal is to maintain separate groups of
> user accounts on an OpenLDAP server -- e.g. local and network.  The groups of
> users can have overlapping posixAccount uid attributes, but will have unique
> uidNumber attributes. My main use case is authentication, which requires
> checking a remote LDAP server first -- currently AD which requires attribute
> re-mapping), then network tree on the local LDAP (openldap) if not in remote
> server, then the local tree on local server if not in the first tree. I have
> tried referrals and rewrites, but nothing I've tried worked.  It looks like
> the creation of a custom overlay will work, but I'd rather not go down that
> path. I have also tried using PAM, but pam_ldap is limited to one
> configuration per service (modifying pam_ldap is an option at this point).

man slapo-chain(5).


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